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“At Integris Medical Group, our vision for Primary Care Services is to be the beacon of personalized healthcare, guiding our community towards a future of enduring health and vitality. We endeavor to create a healthcare experience  where prevention and education are as fundamental as treatment and care.”
our Primary Care Services

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Preventive Care

Your health is our top priority! We take preventive measures to ensure your well-being. For this purpose, we offer preventive care services, including routine check-ups, health screenings, vaccinations, and counseling on lifestyle modifications.

Chronic Disease Management

If you’re a diabetic patient or suffer from asthma, hypertension, or cardiovascular diseases, our healthcare professionals provide comprehensive management and support to address your condition. They will try to help you manage your condition and improve your way of life effectively. Get our assistance and learn more about our services!

Men's Health

We provide a wide range of men’s health services, such as routine check-ups, testosterone level diagnosis, prostate screenings, and counseling on lifestyle factors that can improve a man's health.

Mental Health

We are all well aware that mental health is the most important thing. We provide a wide range of mental health care services, including screenings, counseling, and referrals to mental health specialists when required. We offer support to cure conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress management.

 Acute Illness Management

If you’re encountering sudden illness or injury, our healthcare professionals are here to assist you and offer prompt inspection, diagnosis, and treatment. To ensure this, we provide same-day appointments and give our 100% to address your acute illnesses or injuries as soon as possible. Don’t hold back; book an appointment immediately to control and address your problem.

Women's Health

We cover a wide range of women-focused health concerns. We offer women’s health services like well-woman exams, PAP smears, contraceptive counseling, menopause management, and screenings for breast and cervical cancer. Book your appointment to get our professional healthcare services!

Geriatric Care

Don’t worry about senior citizens' health and well-being! We offer compassionate and experienced care for older adults. Our geriatric care services cater to prompt health aging management of chronic conditions. We also address age-related health concerns to improve the quality of life. Don’t hold back; book your appointment!

Health Education and Counseling

We believe in effectively engaging our patients in their care to improve their health outcomes. For this purpose, we offer health education and counseling services to our patients on various topics, including nutrition, exercise, weight management, smoking cessation and more, to keep them updated and knowledgeable. Get an appointment with our professionals as quickly as possible!

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